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The Top 10 Economic Facts: Diversity in the Workplace

Our nation and our workforce are both becoming more diverse. The share of people of color in the United States is increasing; more women are entering the labor force; and gay* and transgender individuals. . .

Why the Women’s Action/Team is here to stay

Gender inequalities are at the heart of poverty. This is common knowledge now in the 21st century. Less generally accepted – though there is growing evidence and visibility – is that global consumption and production. . .

The Path to Happiness: Lessons From the 2015 World Happiness Report

Getting richer but not happier: It's a familiar story, for people and for nations. The purpose of the World Happiness Report, now in its third edition for 2015, is to remind governments, civil society, and [...]

The Migrant Crisis, Here and There

It is ever more clear we are in the midst of a colossal migration crisis. In Europe, the haunting specter of hundreds, even thousands, of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean has captured headlines for a few days. European leaders, who had tried to discourage. . .

Philanthropy’s Misguided Ideas for Fixing Ghetto Poverty

One hundred years ago, progressive thinkers and activists who called for women’s suffrage, an end to lynching, the right of workers to form unions, health and safety standards for workplaces, the eight-hour workday, a federal minimum. . .

11 artists, 6 cultural groups awarded below-market space in DUMBO

Two Trees Management Co. on Monday announced the artists and cultural and community groups who have received Cultural Space Subsidy Program grants for below-market space in DUMBO. The 11 artists and six groups awarded space. . .

Philanthropy: Feel-good factor or a business opportunity?

Philanthropy has been considered – and in many cases rightly so – a “nice-to-have” add-on to business, or a feel-good buzz that creates purpose for the company’s employees but adding no real value to the company.

Why the future of African business is social

VENTURES AFRICA – “Mobile is the future of Africa,” explained Briant Biggs, Roc Nation’s Head of Digital. This past February, Biggs and many other international digital brands came to Lagos for Social Media Week cementing their entry into Africa.

  • Michael Amankwa

Michael Amankwa – Africa’s Steve Jobs?

The word “impossible” is not in Michael Amankwa’s lexicon. When he returned to Ghana from the US ten years ago to set up his amazingly successful software and transaction processing business CoreNett, he came with big dreams. Armed with a degree in. . .

Why Executives Should Talk About Racial Bias at Work

For the past several months, it seemed that everywhere I turned people were talking about events in Ferguson, Staten Island, and North Charleston — in living rooms, classrooms, anchor rooms — everywhere but in. . .

  • Ifetayo - In the Spirit

Ifetayo – In the Spirit

In 1989, I decided to open an organization that would be a reservoir of cultural nourishment for the minds of children of African descent. By using the arts to build cultural awareness, pride, and heightened self worth. . .

  • Cultural Arts Education as Community Development: An Innovative Model of Healing and Transformation

Cultural Arts Education as Community Development

This article discusses a three-tiered process of collective experiences of various artistic and cultural forms that fosters the healing and transformation of individuals, families, and communities of the African Diaspora.