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Thoughtful Leadership: Leading, Caring and Evolving the People You Serve 

We  believe every voice can contribute to the success of a goal by providing an avenue for each voice to enter the discussion.  Leaders create that space. When we include an entire team’s voice in a process, we can increase the potential for successful sustainable outcomes.

The Global Ase Team’s Expertise Spans the Following Areas:


  • Effective Leadership
  • Non Hierarchical Leadership
  • Thoughtful and Compassionate Leadership
  • Transformative and Service Leadership


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Designing Giving and Investing Circles
  • Partnering for Investment and Return
  • Starting, Strengthening, or Restructuring Foundations

Non Profit/NGO Management

  • Management Excellence
  • Organizational Needs Assessment
  • Program Development and Evaluation
  • Sustainability
  • Succession Planning

Cultural Intelligence 

  • Empowerment through cultural values affirmation
  • Heritage as a strategy for wellness
  • Inclusive and supportive environments

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