Brittany Williams is an international artist that has travelled to the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. She has received scholarships and Fellowships from Makeda Thomas Dance & Performance Institute (Trinidad & Tobago), University of South Florida, and International Black Dance Conference (Bahia, Brazil). Her organization, Dancing for Justice organization organized humanitarian protest events in various cities across the country, Philly, Washington D.C, Tallahassee, Miami, Chicago, and Detroit. DFJ serves as a platform for artists to use their art form as a way to express their concerns around police brutality.

In 2014 she published her first article, Going Beyond Muscles, Now Let’s Begin, in Beyond the Surface Dance History Book. Dance for Film, her work Ahs! Of Breaks has been shown at the Coco Dance Festival in Trinidad and Tobago and ScreenDance Miami. She has edited and created Dance for Film and Promotional/ Advertisement videography for Institute for Katherine Dunham Technique and Certification, Brazz Dance, Rennie Harris Academy of Legends, Miami Dade College A.I.R. Dance Conference and many more.

As the National Coordinator of Million Hoodies for Justice Arts Network she has coordinated Protest events in Miami at 2015 DanceUSA Conference. She presented ” Democracy in the time of Rage, Protest & Change: Why Arts Matter”, hosted by the Katherine Dunham Black Live Matter Symposium at the University of South Florida. She presented ” Reclaiming our Bodies through social dance”, at the Black Girl Project at St. Francis College in Brooklyn NYC. She has done many panel discussions relating to the state of the art, and the movement for black lives. This Winter she will present ” Twisted Melodies, Let’s Dance our way to Freedom”, at Duke University CADD Conference. To be release in Summer of 2016, Brittany is currently creating self- care, trauma, release/ tackling PTSD on grounds of Black Justice training manuals, new cutting edge protest trainings and RESILIENT Programming for members of Million Hoodies for Justice. – Brittany is excited to intern with Global Ase to further her knowledge and understanding int he field of administration.