Social Transformation

Philanthropy’s Misguided Ideas for Fixing Ghetto Poverty


One hundred years ago, progressive thinkers and activists who called for women’s suffrage, an end to lynching, the right of workers to form unions, health and safety standards for workplaces, the eight-hour workday, a federal minimum. . .

Philanthropy’s Misguided Ideas for Fixing Ghetto Poverty2017-05-12T14:41:59+00:00

Michael Amankwa – Africa’s Steve Jobs?


The word “impossible” is not in Michael Amankwa’s lexicon. When he returned to Ghana from the US ten years ago to set up his amazingly successful software and transaction processing business CoreNett, he came with big dreams. Armed with a degree in. . .

Michael Amankwa – Africa’s Steve Jobs?2017-05-12T14:42:00+00:00
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